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Every anniversary is a special event for every club. It is also a special festival for all athletes, coaches, helpers, volunteers in departments and the board, who are all part of a community of solidarity. An anniversary gives us the opportunity to take a look into the past and into the future. For the sports club Magstadt 1897 eV it is an anniversary where the focus will be on the people of the club. Because they are the ones who shape the club in Magstadt and give it faces day after day.


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Das Interview zum Jubiläum

Das Interview zum Jubiläum

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Our anniversary in moving pictures


Frieds cheering sport at bar

The Magstadt 1897 eV sports club, with around 1,500 members, is an important social player that has a significant impact on life in Magstadt. With its members representing more than 40 nationalities, it is located in the middle of society. This society is constantly changing, constantly evolving and becoming more colorful and diverse. So that the Magstadt sports club will still have the same importance for the people of Magstadt in 20 yearseveryonepeople in Magstadt can make a sport offer, we have to set the course for it today. In the anniversary year, we want to give an important impetus for the development of Magstadt and the sports club with this topic.


Fitnesskurs im Freien

Since the club was founded in 1897, the range of sports offered by the sports club has changed again and again. The drivers of this development have always been social trends and influences from a wide variety of cultures. The range of sports and exercise offers has been continuously expanded and differentiated. With its current program, the sports club offers classic competitive sports, leisure sports and many offers in the fitness and health sports sector. As part of company and community health promotion, further health sports offers will be developed over the next two years. With the VR Bank Arena and the training rooms newly created by the municipality of Magstadt, we are well prepared for this.


Man reading sports news on tablet. All c

Digitization has been on everyone's lips for some time. In addition to the many challenges for us humans, it also offers opportunities to make our lives a little easier. Since 2018, we have been using the option to register for courses online around the clock when booking courses. With the current conversion to a new system, we are laying the foundation for a further expansion of digital administration, a necessary step in order to be able to continue to cope with the increasing administrative effort with manageable honorary and full-time human resources. With the expansion of our digital services, we are also making it easier for our members and participants to communicate more directly with us. This transformation process should be completed by the end of 2022.

Our anniversary projects 2022


celebratory event


On November 19, 2022, a festive anniversary event took place on the occasion of our anniversary. The Feast-Saturday was dedicated to our members with the honorary coffee in the afternoon, an official ceremony and a thank-you evening for our trainers.  It was an all-round successful evening


SVM family festival - diversity and sport 


Our family celebration on July 23, 2022 was a complete success. We celebrated our anniversary with you in a varied and sporty way. Many came, with or without disabilities, regardless of their culture, religion, language or nationality. We have set an example and experienced together what makes diversity so valuable in our society. Starting next year, this festival will be organized annually by us.


SVM Fitness Night

On the occasion of our anniversary, we held an outdoor fitness night in our VR Bank Arena for the first time on Saturday, July 23, 2022. From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., more than 30 participants experienced a great program around yoga, Pilates, BBP, Latin dance, Afrodance, bodyworkout, etc. It was a nice fitness happening in the fresh air with a great view over Magdtadt.

eBook Reader

Digital club chronicle

Since the last anniversary in 1997, the world has moved on quite quickly. Es gives today communicationation paths, with which we have a lot more Mreach people than before and information is now available anytime and anywhere. With the development of a digital club chronicle, we have broken new ground and at the same time used the new opportunities that the world offers us today.


video documentation

As part of a video documentation, we give a moving insight into the work of the sports club and let the people who shape our sports club have their say. We give insights behind the scenes and into the training work to give an impression of why sport is so important for coaches and athletes. We have now completed the project and the resulting moving images are available online for you.


EFB - European Fitness Badge


The sports badge has lost a lot of its attractiveness and is rarely discarded by athletes. With the EFB (European Fitness Badge), a new fitness badge has now been developed, which is much easier to organize for clubs and gives the participants an overview of their fitness in a short time. Since May, anyone who is interested has also been able to take the EFB.

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