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The Union

The sports club Magstadt eV was founded in 1897 and currently around 1500 members are organized in the club. During its decades of existence, the club has always understood how to develop a wide-ranging, attractive range of recreational and competitive sports for young and old, regardless of all social changes in its departments. This includes the departments: mass sports, women's fitness, football, handball, weight training, bowling, tennis, table tennis and gymnastics. Thanks to the wide range of sports, health and leisure activities, as well as individual advice from a regularly well-trained team, the Magstadt sports club contributes to a lively and future-oriented cooperation. It's not just the top sporting performance that counts for us, but the fun of exercise and socializing. Camaraderie, ambition and willingness to perform is our motivation. Willingness to cooperate with athletes, coaches and sponsors is our priority. Taking responsibility and promoting and supporting the idea of sport with voluntary commitment are values that are of great importance.

General Assembly

The general meeting of the sports club Magstadt 1897 eV is the most important and formally highest body. At the annual meeting, the members determine the board through elections and confirm the department heads who were elected at the department meetings. The members decide on budget planning and budget closures, decide on questions of the statutes and decide on the various regulations that regulate the work in the sports club. Members receive the reports of the board and the departments during the general meetings and thus get an insight into who and what happens every day in the sports club or what the various committees are planning and how the contributions of the members are used. As a rule, the general meetings take place in the second quarter of the year. The date and the agenda of the general meeting will be officially published in the Magstadt newsletter no later than four weeks before the general meeting.


board of directors

The Management Board currently consists of nine members. The sports club Magstadt eV is legally represented by the first chairman, his deputy and the cashier. The operational business is agreed and coordinated with five other board members.


First Chairman: Stephan O. Scheel

deputy Chairman: Ralf Schmid

Treasurer: Andreas Schlegel

Secretary: Ursula Garschke

Youth representative: Robin Mannhorst (not on the picture)

IT/data protection: Micha Barsch

Communication: NN

Office: Elke Wolf, Marina Kienle, Tanja Beurenmeister (not on the picture)


The committee of the Magstadt sports club consists of the board and the heads of the nine departments. He deals with the organization of sports operations, the occupancy of sports facilities, preparations for the annual general meeting, budget planning and much more.

Members of the Board of Directors

Mass sport: Rudi Bischoff

Women's fitness: Angelika Demmer

Football: Steffen Bechtold

Handball: Matthias Kauffman

Weight training: Anita Schumacher

Bowling: Thomas Ludwig

Tennis: Peter Kreczmarsky

Table tennis: Martin Weber

Gymnastics: Hans-Jörg Ehmann

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