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#fit despite the energy crisis

Current regulations for sports operations

As of September 21, 2022
Solidarity to defy the energy crisis

The current explosion in energy costs is of great concern to the municipality of Magstadt, the entire board and the department heads of the Magstadt sports club and we see it as our responsibility to tackle this energy crisis together and hopefully get through the winter with just one black eye. The costs for heating and electricity are rising enormously and the municipality of Magstadt asked us to jointly make savings in sports operations at short notice. The municipality of Magstadt has always made the sports facilities available to us free of charge and has therefore borne almost all of the costs for our sports facilities, which is no longer the case in many other municipalities and cities. 

To keep it that way, we are all called upon to actively contribute to saving energy and thus support the community in keeping energy costs affordable. If we don't succeed in this, sports facilities may have to be closed completely, as some municipalities are already doing. Sports operations there must then be significantly restricted. However, the community of Magstadt and we want to prevent exactly that, because we know how important sport is for the health of children, young people and adults, for community and sociability, social peace and counteracting the loneliness of older people in Magstadt. Corona has shown us what effects it has when all this suddenly no longer works. 

In order for us to succeed, the temperatures in the sports facilities will be lowered until next spring so that training sessions can be carried out without injury. With every degree cooler, we save 6 percent in energy. The municipality and we have decided to develop individual regulations for each sports facility and sport. We also want to make it possible to use the showers for a limited time during training. So far we have not planned any savings for competitions and games.


For noticeable savings in daily training, we need your active support. This is the only way we will manage  to overcome the precarious situation together. 

We would like to thank the municipality of Magstadt and you for your participation and solidarity!

Your SVM team

Current temperatures

Observe in training

Energy Saving Tips


training operation

* Savings potential compared to current temperatures

SPORTS HALL 1 = 17 degrees  (30%)

SPORTS HALL 2 = 19 degrees (18%)

REFRESHMENT ROOM = 19 degrees (18%)

CHANGING = 20 degrees (12%)

HALLWAYS = 12 degrees(60%) 

competition/game operation

ALL HALLS/ROOMS = 20 degrees(12%)

training operation

SPORTS CLOTHING adjusted to temperature

DOORS always keep closed

SHOWERS 3-5 min (maximum)

LIGHT INSERTonly as much as necessary

TOGETHER be careful.

competition/game operation

see training operation

way to the sports facility


REFRIGERATIONbefore and after training

ON FOOT/BICYCLETo the training

WARM CLOTHINGfor the way

CAR-SHAREif car needed


Strengthens the immune system, reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions

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