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Membership Dues Information

membership fees per year

Since January 1st, 2018, the sports club has been charging the following membership fees:

20.00 EUR for children from 0 - 17 years* (as well as students/trainees)

40.00 EUR for adults over 18 years*

EUR 20.00 for seniors after retirement*

EUR 60.00 for families/household communities(2 people plus X)

*in the first year people from refugee families registered in Magstadt are free of charge

Membership Benefits

With entry as a member of the Magstadt 1897 eV sports club, you are accordingly insured for all club offers and events. The routes to the sports facilities are also part of this, which means that you do not have to resort to your private insurance in such cases. Travel to team games is also insured for parents of children who are active members of the sports club. As a member, you receive significantly lower prices than non-members on all courses. Information on the courses and price models can be found below.

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