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From April 1, 2022 in the sports club
EFB badge
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Your award for a health-promoting fitness status in three stages 


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That's how it's done


Test - evaluate - train


Maybe you haven't done anything for yourself for a long time, you want to go back get in and don't know which level to start at?

Perhaps you are still in basic condition, would like to get back into it more intensively and want to know how hard you can exert yourself again?


With the European Fitness Badge, we offer you the service to find out and find the right start with the help of competent advice from our trainers. If you have any questions or tips, just send us a short email or give us a call. You can also conveniently book a test appointment online. 


And best of all: the European Fitness Badge is recognized as a badge of a sports association as part of the bonus programs of the health insurance companies.

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Practice with videos at home for the test

An active lifestyle is the basis for a healthy life. The EFB gives you individual feedback on your personal fitness status with regard to motor skills, strength, endurance, speed and coordination. 

We invite you to die instruction videos  and practice at home for the upcoming fitness test!

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