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Workouts for students


Here you will regularly receive a new workout so that you can get fit through the week. Jessie, our FSJ'lerin worked out the workouts and produced them for you with our fit guys Max and Ray. You can also realize something like this as a project with us during the voluntary social year. A big thank you to the student workout team!

SVM-Schüler-Workout mit Jessie

SVM-Schüler-Workout mit Jessie


Marcel Nguyen is one of the most successful gymnasts in Germany. He and Michelle Timm, also one of the best gymnasts in Germany, will show you how you can learn a handstand and, based on that, the first gymnastic elements in just 5 training sessions. If it's itchy now, you can try it. If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to contact our gymnastics experts in the gymnastics department of the sports club.

Handstand und mehr
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