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From left to right: Andreas Schlegel (CFO), Ulla Henke, Stephan Scheel (President)


After 17 years at the SVM office it's over - we say thank you!

After exactly seventeen years and four months, Ulla Henke is leaving the SVM office at the endMarch 2021. Many years in which Ulla Henke has experienced and moved a lot. With the completion of the youth center opposite the festival hall in 2003, she moved into the SVM office, which was also newly created at this time. A step that set the course for the further development of the sports club and the ever-increasing administrative tasks. During this time, Ulla Henke has seen three chairmen and many department heads come and go. She organized the new central membership administration, took care of applying for grants, managed mini-jobbers, supported the general meetings of the sports club and helped where it was necessary. During her time she supported the board and the department and made a significant contribution to relieving the burden on volunteers. On behalf of all members, the entire Executive Board would like to thank you for the work you have done and your long-term commitment. As head of the women's fitness department, Ulla Henke will remain loyal to the club in the future. We wish her all the best for her professional reorientation. Elke Wolf, who has been part of the full-time team at the office since 2016, will take on her duties with immediate effect.



2020 - A year full of challenges


For a good year now, the corona virus has been determining our personal everyday life in very different ways. This was a very special year for the Magstadt 1897 eV sports club. A year the sports club has never experienced in its almost 125-year history. This year has shown us more than ever where we are today, what we may need to change and how we need to position ourselves for the future. Fortunately, the crisis has also shown us that we are on the right track with our projects. We would like to thank the municipality of Magstadt and our ARENA partners, who are also supporting us in the second wave of Corona. This support motivates us to continue working consistently on the projects we have started and to develop Magstadt into an attractive sports community.

PHOTO-2020-11-30-12-44-55 (4).jpg


Construction of the beach facility on the SVM sports park


After the groundbreaking, the construction work for the new beach sports facility is in full swing. Contrary to what was originally planned, a beach sports facility with two beach fields for beach handball, beach volleyball and beach soccer is being built on the site of the SVM sports park. The replanning had become necessary because the costs for the original planning would have significantly exceeded the budget and the project would not have been financed as a result. With the realization of the long-awaited second construction phase, the Magstadt sports club is laying another important foundation stone for new and modern sports facilities in Magstadt. By mid-December, almost all of the structures should be completed before the facility is completed with the appropriate sports sand and ball stop nets in spring 2021. As with the construction of the VR-BANK-ARENA, interested parties can follow the construction progress every day in our specially created picture gallery. We would like to thank our supporters and donors who ensure the financing of the new project. A grand opening of the new sports facility for all members of the SVM is planned for spring 2021.



Start of the club's anniversary in 2022

On September 25th and 26th, 2020, the board of directors of the sports club Magstadt 1897 eV met for a two-day retreat in Bartholomä. The Swabian Gymnastics Federation had invited the sports club to exchange ideas for the celebrations for the 125th anniversary. At the end of a very intensive retreat, there was a concrete framework and many ideas for the anniversary year 2022. A separate area was created on the homepage for the anniversary, which provides information about the anniversary and gives members an insight into the preparations. We also want to provide information to all those who want to actively support us. Here you will find all information about our anniversary projects.



General meeting canceled due to Corona

Since the training operations have been going so smoothly in the past few weeks, we don't want to endanger them either. For this reason, the general meeting planned for Friday, October 23, 2020 did not take place. An alternative date will be announced for the first half of 2021 depending on the development of the pandemic. The current board of directors will remain in office until the new date. So that our members can still take a look at the SVM work of the past year, you will find a MEMBER INFORMATION area on our homepage from Monday, October 26th, 2020, in which reports on the individual departments, on ongoing projects and are employed for the work of the entire association.



We mourn Walter Gabler

Walter Gabler  passed away last week on September 2, 2020 and the Magstadt sports club says goodbye to its long-standing board. With great gratitude we remember a great man. Walter was always a pioneer and doer, a supporter and above all a great person. We will always remember you and never forget you. 

More than 70 years of membership, owner of the bronze, silver and gold badge of honour, founding member of the handball department, 11 years on the board of the entire club and founder and tireless driver of the sports home construction and operating company - only a few members were as closely connected to the Magstadt sports club as Walter Gabler.

Without Walter Gabler, the club structures at the Magstadt sports club might have developed somewhat differently. Probably a little slower. “Walter Gabler has put his whole life in the favor of the sports club. We in the current board of directors are infinitely grateful to him for that," said the second chairman of SV Magstadt, Ralf Schmid, in honor of Gabler's many years of work in the club.

Gabler began his sporting activities in 1951 as a founding member of the handball department. Soon after, Walter Gabler became head of department and at the same time cashier for the handball players.

In 1969 Gabler became the board of directors of the entire association. He then headed the SVM for 11 years. During his tenure, important decisions regarding the development of the club were made at several levels. On the one hand, a new financial system was introduced within the association during these years. Another important point in Walter Gabler's management was the new construction of the sports center "An den Buchen", which was accomplished in cooperation with RV Pfeil and the municipality of Magstadt.

Together with the RV Pfeil, the Magstadt sports club also founded the Sportheim Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft, which still exists today. Walter Gabler was the managing director until 2015.

After retiring from the board of directors of the sports club in 1980, Walter Gabler took over the office of representative of the honorary members and organized anniversary celebrations and excursions.

Later, shortly after the turn of the millennium, in financially turbulent times at SVM, Gabler once again took over the office of treasurer of the entire sports club. He got the finances back in order, including the tax returns, so that the non-profit status of the sports club could be maintained.

 "Every club needs people who promote developments through their active commitment as volunteers. Walter Gabler was just such a person. With his commitment, he laid the foundations for the fact that the Magstadt sports club, with its more than 1,500 members, is currently in a very good position," said Ralf Schmid on behalf of the entire SVM board. Thank you Walter!



SVM Sports Park - the planning phase is coming to an end

The project group set up to implement the SVM sports park will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, and determine the next steps. After the planning phase has now been completed, the final building blocks of the sports park will be decided tomorrow, the corresponding funding applications will be submitted and orders will be placed with the relevant companies. As soon as the building permit has been issued by the Württemberg State Sports Association, we will start building the sports park as soon as possible. As with the construction of the VR Bank Arena, the construction phase will be accompanied by a small documentary.We will then inform you promptly about the start of construction.




The 32nd edition of the TurnGala of the Swabian Gymnastics Association and the Baden Gymnastics Association took place at the turn of the year 2019/2020.40 SVM-Turn children of the SVM opened the show with two great performances.Our gymnastics kids spent weeks rehearsing every detail for this performance so that everything went smoothly on this evening in front of a full house in the Porsche Arena. This intensive preparation paid off, because the 5,000 spectators applauded her performance after her performance. It was only when the excitement after the two opening performances had dissipated that everyone realized what the whole team had achieved and experienced together. A performance that everyone involved will not soon forget. We say thank you again for that.

IMG_2098 (1).jpg


GYMWELT campaign - We're in!


The Swabian Gymnastics Federation supports its member clubs in successfully positioning themselves publicly in the field of fitness and health sports. Every year in September, at the start of the new autumn season, a large-scale poster campaign throughout the country draws attention to the many good offers from sports clubs. We have been part of the association network since 2013 and we benefit from the many good training courses for our trainers as well as the many services.


You can recognize our offers by the GYMWELT logo, all of which are part of the GYMWELT. From classic popular sports to new fitness and health sports programs; You can find all our offers for young and old with us.



SVM-SPORTPARK - project financing available!


As part of last year's extraordinary assembly on the construction of the VR-BANK-ARENA, the members of the Magstadt 1897 eV sports club not only decided to build the multifunctional hall. The realization of a SPORTS PARK with a beach field, boules court, slackline facility, calisthenics station, etc. was also launched with a large majority. Around 10 months after the decision, the ball is now rolling in the VR-BANK-ARENA and an internal project group is currently planning the realization of the SVM-SPORTPARK, with which the renovation of the Ricotenplatz on the sports area at the Buchen should be completed this year.

After around 5 weeks of the acquisition phase, we managed to collect EUR 84,000 for the SVM sports park. Thanks to 41 investors who, like all of us, believe in the project, we can now proceed with the planning phase to complete the project later this year. A big THANK YOU to all investors!





In the best weather, the VR-BANK-ARENA was the filming location for a report of the SWR program Marktcheck. Together with the shooting team headed by Nina Rathfelder, the Magstadt sports club accepted the challenge and tested various dishwashing sponges. First there was a short unit of kicking, then there was a barbecue and finally a race to rinse and scrub. Shooting the contribution was fun for the whole team and it was exciting to look behind the scenes and to have been there myself. Thanks to the organizing team for the successful day. If you want to see which sponge won in the end and which failed, you can already look forward to the show in August.


As soon as the exact release date is known, we will announce it here.





As part of an atmospheric and moving inauguration, McArena GmbH officially handed over the VR-BANK-ARENA MAGSTADT-WEISSACH to the Magstadt 1897 eV sports club. Around 70 invited guests accepted the invitation to witness how sports club chairman Stephan Scheel, deputy chairman of the board of directors of VR-Bank Magstadt-Weissach Rainer Länder, former mayor Dr. Hans-Ulrich Merz, Mayor Florian Glock and McArena Managing Director Andreas Kübler (from right in the photo) scored the opening goal. All guests then experienced the arena and the sacred pitch up close. The visitors started the future sports program with the joint Macarena dance. From January 14th, 2019, anyone who wants to do sports can book the VR-BANK-ARENA online. We are currently still working on the technical requirements for online booking.




​When the general meeting of the Magstadt sports club decided on July 13, 2018 to build a covered multi-purpose playing field based on the McArena GmbH concept, nobody could have guessed what impetus this project would have for the sports club’s cooperation with local organizations would bring. The project has now been implemented in cooperation with the municipality of Magstadt and VR-Bank eG Magstadt-Weissach. The main reason for the construction of the covered artificial turf pitch was to improve the capacity of the sports hall, especially in the winter season. "We are more convinced than ever that it was right to take the initiative ourselves and to implement a concept that creates new sports areas for club training and also offers the region's population more sports opportunities," emphasizes Stephan, chairman of the sports club shell.


on the photo from left: Andreas Zeller (CEO VR-Bank), Stefan Herrich (VR-BANK), Stephan Scheel (first SVM board member), Ralf Schmid (second SVM board member), Elke Wolf (SVM office), Andreas Schlegel (SVM Treasurer), Marco Ringwald (Board of Directors VR-Bank), Matthias Prinz (Managing Director McArena)




Sports club Magstadt celebrates 60 years of membership in Volksbank Magstadt/VR-Bank Magstadt-Weissach. The sports club was honored for its decade-long membership at a celebration held by the VR-Bank Magstadt-Weissach on Friday. In these 60 years, the sports club and Volksbank Magstadt have worked together in a spirit of trust. In addition to the many donations from the Volksbank for sports projects and youth work, larger projects such as the construction of the restaurant An den Buchen in 1978 were tackled together. Thank you to all board members and department heads who have always continued this tradition.

on the picture from left: Andreas Zeller (CEO VR-Bank), Andreas Schlegel (SVM Treasurer), Elke Wolf (SVM office), Stephan Scheel (First SVM Board Member), Marco Ringwald (Board Member VR-Bank), Ralf Schmid (second SVM board member), missing: Micha Barsch and Ursula Garschke (both SVM board members)



(from left): Joan Marquerz, Nico Kröning (both Sickinger Bau), Sara Schuhmacher (Schumacher surveying office), Stephan Scheel, Ralf Schmid, Michael Sindel (McArena), Lukas Fürst  (Fürst-Metallbau)



​Exactly three months to the day after the decision of the general meeting, the construction of the multifunctional hall began together with the project partners McArena GmbH, Sickinger Bau, Vermessungsbüro Schuhmacher, Elektro Weirich and Fürst Stahl- und Metallbau. In the best weather, the 1st chairman Stephan Scheel made it clear again in his short speech why this project is so important for the Magstadt sports club. "There is still an urgent lack of hall capacity in Magstadt for the winter time and some of our departments have to rent expensive sports facilities in the surrounding communities during this time." Since it is currently not to be expected that the community will fix the problem, "we had to take action ourselves," continued Stephan Scheel. In the run-up to the planning, the municipality of Magstadt had let the sports club have the Ricoten playing field as a heritable building right. The completion of the multifunctional hall is planned for the beginning of December. In the spring of 2019, a sports park with a beach facility, boule pitch, slackline and bouldering blocks and a fitness station is to be built on the rest of the area.


Renovation of the Ricotenplatz at the sports area "An den Buchen" decided by the general meeting


In recent years, the bottleneck in the occupancy of sports halls has increased. For years, some departments have been forced to relocate parts of their training to the surrounding communities at a cost. At an extraordinary meeting on July 13, 2018, the members decided to implement the project with a large majority. How to renovate and what advantages the construction of a sports arena (videos fromGerstettenandRatingen), a beach field, a fitness station and a bouldering and slackline facility is explained in the following information paper and the article by Stefan Bilaniuk in the Sindelfiger Zeitung. Planned start of construction: September 2018


Board confirmed in office

This year's general meeting took place on June 8, 2018. Except for one personnel change, the previous board is also the new board. Aurelia Scheel is new to the team as a youth board member. Micha Barsch, the previous youth board member, takes over the IT and data protection departments.

In the report of the 1st chairman Stephan Scheel it became clear that the past year was also a very intensive and busy year. With the opening of the FitnessBox, the start of an online course booking system, the occupation with Important projects were launched on the subject of data protection and preparations for the construction of a McArena. 

The re-election of the board team has confirmed that the Magstadt sports club is on the right course ist. For the trust of the members the thank you.

The new board team (from left): Stephan Scheel, Ulla Henke, Michael Barsch, Maike Waltz (BFD), Ursula Garschke, Elke Wolf, Andreas Schlegel, Ralf Schmid

SVM Coffee of Honor 2018

The Magstadt sports club invited its long-standing members to this year's honorary coffee in the sports home at the beech trees. On this day, too, the members were the focus of the SVM. To enlarge the picture just click on the picture...

Father and Child Day 2018

Also this year the ORGA team Ralf and Matze invited the handball youth fathers with their children to the 9th father-child meeting.

This is functional training

Stefan Pukrop has been in charge of training in Magstadt since the beginning of April. His great experience and competence already make the training a success for all participants. If you want to know more about the training...

refurbishment completed

Training legs, strengthening muscles and getting your bottom in shape - all of this is now possible in the SV Magstadt weight room, which has been renovated by the municipality. "In order to give many people the opportunity to train here, we will continuously expand the possibilities of use," said SVM board member Stephan Scheel at the opening.

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