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Daycare and all-day school

Sports club is a reliable partner

As part of the all-day care, the Magstadt sports club is a reliable partner of the Johannes Kepler School Magstadt. With our all-day care offers, the sports club makes an important contribution to the expansion of all-day schools. We see our all-day offers as an introduction to the world of sports and exercise and therefore offer the children a wide range of exercise experiences as part of our all-day offers and also enrich the range of offers at the all-day school in Magstadt. In cooperation with the municipality of Magstadt, we bring movement to all kindergartens in Magstadt every week. The aim of the cooperation is to get children and parents interested in a variety of physical activities at an early age.

Recognized service

The Magstadt sports club, as a recognized office within the framework of voluntary services in Baden-Württemberg , is keen to show young people the diversity of sport and, in cooperation with the Johannes Kepler community school and the local kindergarten, attractive fields of work around the topic of movement and sport. In the cooperation of sports club, school and day care center, FSJ'ler can work very independently and deepen their own strengths and sporting interests.

Promote children's strengths

Sufficient exercise is crucial for the healthy development of children. Children should try things out, get to know each other, feel their limits and expand them bit by bit. With a large repertoire of gross and fine motor skills and daily exercise, children can concentrate better and solve tasks in a more targeted manner. Children who regularly play with other children in physical games learn rules, strategies, how to act successfully in games, mutual respect and, above all, social skills, which are important for good cooperation in the community.
In our offers as part of all-day care, we attach great importance to a wide range of exercise offerings that give the children a sense of achievement and show them where their strengths lie. With our wide range of offers, the children learn the basics for all sports, which they can continue to practice after all-day care in the sports club.


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