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Our idea

For 4 years now, the Magstadt sports club has been offering a  in the area of exercise for children aged 0-6growing number of courses. The demand has grown steadily since the first parent-child courses and the variety of offers is growing year by year with formats such as language and physical activity. We took this development as an opportunity to bring all these offers under one roof, namely theMOVEMENT SCHOOLMagstadt, and thus to offer young families an entry into an eventful life for their children.

development prospects for children

We are born as moving beings and need movement for our healthy development. Children discover the world through movement, increase their range of motion and become independent personalities. They experience a variety of movement tasks that help them grow and prepare them for life in play. Daily exercise promotes language development and has been shown to make children more concentrative and smarter. In the MOVEMENT SCHOOL we support this development with offers that start shortly after birth und accompany children and parents in an eventful life until school starts. In order to be able to support the respective development phase of the children in a targeted manner, our offers are organized in trimesters, which can be booked easily online with us. At the end of the movement school, the older children also get to know various sports of our club.

Offers in trimester

In order to be able to offer children and parents a continuous yet flexible range of offers, we organize the MOVEMENT SCHOOL in trimesters, ie in four-month blocks of offers. The individual trimesters run from January to April, May to August and September to December. As before, the courses in the respective year sections can be booked individually (see BOOKING), even while the course is already running. During the respective school holidays there are special activities for children and parents. In addition, there are special offers that are not aligned with the timing of the trimester. In 2022 we will gradually build up the trimester system. 

Age structure of the offers

  • 3-12 months - offers for babies with parents

  • 12-36 months - Offers for small children with (grand)parents

  • 3-6 years for - Offers for children with and without (grand)parents

Additional offers regardless of age groups

  • Offers for young mothers

  • thematic Offers like language & movement

  • Holiday sports offers

  • Etc.

Orientation to the framework curriculum for children's gymnastics

In order to promote the development of the children with our offers continuously and in a coordinated manner, we work according to the framework curriculum for children's gymnastics of the Swabian Gymnastics Association (STB). The framework curriculum supports us in ensuring the quality of the offer with important basic knowledge, suggestions and impulses for our pedagogical work and with practical examples for training in every age group. Additional STB concepts and further training round off our quality management in children's sports.


If you are interested in joining our team and developing yourself as a trainer in children's sports, you are very welcome. Just undermarina.kienle@sportverein-magstadt.dereport to us.

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
Our knowledge blog
Grown cooperations

For more than 5 years, the Magstadt sports club has been a reliable cooperation partner of the Magstadt daycare centers and the Johannes Kepler community school. With our FSJ'lern we offer weekly movement hours in order to make our contribution to more Movement von children . As part of the all-day school   at the Johannes-Kepler-Gemeinschaftsschule, we supplement the everyday school life of the elementary school students with working groups, childcare offers and lunch break offers for the pupils of the community school. As part of the community school, we support the sports profile of the school in order to enable the local pupils to have a sporty everyday school life.

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