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SVM Family Tobe Days
living room too small? Off to the hall!

Want to exercise and have fun with family and friends? Then you've come to the right place at our family Tobe days! These take place regularly throughout the year. 


We will set up a movement landscape for you in the sports hall! Several stations are available and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone! Climbing, jumping, crawling, sliding, balancing, bouncing balls, scoring goals, and and and ;-) Age: from small children to old age. The family Tobe days are divided into timeless periods of 60 minutes and can be booked. 

In addition to the family romping days in the sports hall, there are always romping days in our VR bench arena. We have listed the dates for you below. Click on the button, get information and book seats directly. you have questions Simply contact our team.

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