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Functional training

We have been offering functional training led by qualified trainers for around a year. Functional training is a comprehensive training program for all ages and all levels of ability. It is about "derusting" us and getting fit for everyday life again. In our FitnesBox  (weight training room) we offer beginner courses for young people and adults.The number of participants is limited to twelve so that all participants can be looked after as optimally as possible.

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Classic fitness offers

For adults, in addition to the classic offers such as yoga and Pilates, there are also relaxation units such as Qigong to choose from. Functional training is the right choice for those who want more action during training. For new mums, we have "run fit - mom fit with baby" in the program. The courses are limited depending on the number of participants, but will be increased if possible if there is increased demand.

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women fitness

The women's fitness department was founded in 1981 as an independent department of SV Magstadt. At the moment, around 40 women between the ages of 35 and 75 keep fit with us. We offer a varied program:

  • aerobics and step aerobics,Tabata

  • Gymnastics for stomach, legs and bottom with  Flexi-Bar, Redondoball, weights, Theraband, tubes, etc.

  • strengthening exercises

  • stretching

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mass sport

The training includes circuit training and gymnastics in the hall, as well as athletics on the outdoor sports facilities with the aim of staying physically and mentally fit. In addition to the weekly training, there is also socializing and active leisure activities with joint hikes, skiing and cheerful festivals, which characterize department life and affect the community in a very positive way.

Part of a club network


GYM WORLD. We live fitness. In the club.

The Swabian Gymnastics Federation has been supporting its member clubs since 2013 with a wide range of services and strengthened with communication measures relating to fitness and health sports in the club. With the latest relaunch, the STB makes the GYMWELT brand more modern for the end user and above all compatible with the digital world. We are part of the network with over 570 GYMWELT registered clubs. Since this year, the STB, together with its partner JoinSports, has been providing us with new opportunities for people to access our offers online. WithJoinSportswe get a perfect platform for managing our club offers, a homepage widget for direct booking of offers and with the to our target groups on the internet and social media.

Our coaching team



For us as a sports club, it is important that our offers are of high quality. We attach great importance to the fact that our offers are led by trained trainers who know their trade. Our trainers undergo regular training so that they are always up to date. We see ourselves as a team, which is why we exchange ideas with the trainers at regular intervals and offer them new impulses for their work. Together with the trainers, we continue to develop our range of services.  Below is an overview of our current trainers.


Our employees at the office will be happy to help you.

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