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Since January 2019, the Magstadt sports club has been offering an outdoor sports arena where everyone (members and non-members) can do sports together with friends. In our VR BANK ARENA you can play table football, volleyball, experience bubble soccer and much more. You can bring your own sport and use this arena all year round. Events such as company events or children's birthday parties are also available in an unusual atmosphere under one roof.

useful information

You can reach the facility in our sports area AN DEN BUCHEN very easily by car and there are enough parking spaces.

In addition to the VR-BANK-ARENA you will also find our RESTAURANT AN DEN BUCHEN. There you can eat or drink something after the sport. You can find information about itHERE.

In the outbuilding next to the restaurant there are also outdoor toilets for free use between 08.00 and 18.00. ​


If you have any questions about use and booking, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

That awaits you

Terms of Service - important

The  booking person is obliged to inform all participants of the training group about the requirements.

General rules

1. With reservation of the VR-Bank Arena Magstadt, but at the latest when entering the facility, confirm user(regardless of whether you enter the facility as a tenant, fellow player, spectator, visitor or other third party) acknowledgment of the currently applicable regulations.

2.cleatsare not allowed.

3. The athletes canin the tentmove next to the VR-BANK-ARENA.

4. Training and sports equipment (ball, shirt, etc.) mustselfbe and will be brought along.

5. All participants leave the sports facilityimmediately after the endthe booked sports unit.

smoking ban

On the entire site appliesSMOKING BANas in every public sports facility to protect our children and young people. We ask for your understanding and attention. 

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