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Now also in PDF format!

On the occasion of our 125th anniversary in 2022, we have digitized the printed chronicle of the sports club "100 years of sports club Magstadt" so that future generations can also get an insight into the history of the sports club.


Who ran the sports club? Who do I know from back then? Who has led the sports club to where it is haute? What have been the societal challenges over the years?


With the purchase of the digital version of this publication from 1997 you support the Sportverein and the many committed people who are active in the sports club today. For that we already say THANK YOU!


The SVM team

SVM chronicle 100 years of sports club Magstadt (PDF)


We have prepared our chronicle for you to use on your cell phone or PC . Simply download file, click  and then get started. No matter which PDF reader. Have fun with it!

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