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Our experiences in the FSJ at the SVM


Denis Buntic


The FSJ was a great year for me. I took a lot with me from this year for my future life. The fun I had during the lessons, but also the fun on the training courses with the other FSJ students, who were also socially committed like me - simply indescribable! Personally, I was able to take a lot with me from the FSJ. Among other things, I have become more goal-oriented, more self-confident but also more assertive. I have learned how to deal with my counterpart in difficult situations in order to solve the problem or problems.


The FSJ is a great opportunity to further your education, but also for everyone who doesn't know what they want to do after school - just like I didn't know what I wanted to do.

Today I work in a car dealership in Leonberg as a clerk for office management in the service area.

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Sandra Reinhardt

Looking back, the FSJ sport and school at SV Magstadt means for me a collection of sporting and personal experiences. Through the many opportunities to work in clubs, at school and in kindergartens, you get to know the wide range of interacting structures and can get involved in them. Not only the sporting work with the children and young people themselves, but also the social, educational and organizational tasks teach you independence, teamwork, perseverance and experiences that shape me to this day. The opportunity to deepen sport-specific content in the trainer C training has supported me a lot in my own sporting development and the further work in the club after the FSJ. The FSJ is a great opportunity to test whether this area could suit you professionally and to what extent you can imagine working with children and young people. I personally learned to love working with children during this time.   I am currently in the final stages of my studies in applied health and nursing sciences, which I am completing with dual training as a health and pediatric nurse.


Jessie Hasmuller

Even before my FSJ, I knew that later I definitely wanted to work in a profession with children and I could well imagine studying to become a primary school teacher. However, since I wasn't completely sure yet, the FSJ was a good opportunity to gain insight into the professional field of primary school teachers. Since I was of course particularly interested in the subject of sports, the choice of the FSJ's at the sports club was exactly the right one, because you are not only there in the classroom, but above all you can also be part of the physical education classes and many more experience in sports outside of school. My experiences in the FSJ have confirmed my ideas, which is why I am now studying to become a primary school teacher with the subjects math and physical education. During the FSJ's I was able to gain a lot of new experience in dealing with children from preschool age to middle school through the different areas of application (kindergarten, primary school, community school, club). With my help in the various departments in the club, I was also able to learn new things about other sports. Through the training as a trainer C in mass sports, I was able to learn a lot about sports theory and practice and then always put this directly into practice with my groups. In general, I can say that the FSJ was a lot of fun and I was able to take a lot with me.

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